Q : Can you keep the vehicle listed for a while?

A : Toyota-usedcar.jp share the information with multiple customers in the Tanzania and in Japan.
Once it's sold to other customers, it will disappear from the website.

Q : For the further information, who do I ask?

A: Please kindly contact Toyota Tanzania Ltd.
TOYOTA PUGU BRANCH No.5 Nyerere Road P.O.Box 9060, DSM,
Tel:+255 22 2866 352
Fax:+255 22 2866 814

TOYOTA Sokoine Drive Sokoine Drive P.O.Box 9060, DSM,
Tel:+255 22 2118 990-1
Fax:+255 22 2866 814

Q: Can I test drive?

A: Sorry, the units are only in Japan.

Q: Can we return the vehicle after its arrived?

A: We will ensure you will like it but sorry, the vehicle are non-returnable.

Q: What is my delivery date?

A: Please refer to the 'DATE OF DELIVERY' in the detail page of the car.